AGA Team

Steve Ford is our Lead Paranormal Investigator. Who has over 10 years of experience in ghost hunting. Steve Ford has an extreme interest in the paranormal world and enjoys using his ghost hunting equipment which helps make contact with ghosts, such as his Spirit Box which is used to ask ghosts and spirits questions his EVP which records sounds that are interpreted as spirit voices that have been either unintentionally recorded or intentionally requested and recorded and has many more ghost hunting devices. Steve has lead Paranormal Investigations at places such as Cape Otway light house and Barwon Park and hopes to travel Australia wide and investigate Ghost hot spots and collect what data and proof he can with his team and equipment and share it with the public via his own You Tube ( which is soon to be created), Facebook Page and Website for the public to follow which will show footage of investigations and any evidence of the paranormal world his team and him can gather from the investigations.

Jazz is also our Paranormal Investigator. in training and helps behind the scenes on the computer side of things such as updating the Facebook group, web and documentation of future ghost hunting events and research of history and places yet to investigate.