Welcome to AGI

We are a team of paranormal investigators. Our team includes Lead Paranormal Investigator Steve Ford & Paranormal Investigator Jazz Molloy. We are also looking for other team members to join us.

We use the latest technology in EVP, EMF, EDI some of our other ghost hunting equipment include Thermal imaging camera, REM-PODS, Spirit Box SB11 and other camera equipment.

Our team has over 20 years of experience and we are very passionate in what we do. Places we have investigated include The Geelong Gaol, The Ballarat Steak House, Barwon Park Mansion, Cape Otway Lighthouse just to name a few.

Haunted Hot Spots

Geelong Protestant Orphanage
Pirra Homestead
Hanging Rock
Osborne House
Geelong Grammar School
Armytage House

Your House Haunted?

Why not drop us a line and tell us what's happening.
Our professional team of Paranormal investigators will help you to try and determine who or what is haunting your residence. There is no fee for us to investigate. Contact us at [email protected]